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Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, and scientific centre of Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as the largest city entirely on the European continent.

By broader definitions Moscow is among the world's largest cities, being the 14th largest metro area, the 18th largest agglomeration, the 15th largest urban area, and the 11th largest by population within city limits worldwide.

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Muscovite Daria Antonova, 20, was killed on Parkobaya Street when a huge tree crashed onto her in the storm.It is home to the Ostankino Tower, the tallest free standing structure in Europe; the Federation Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Europe; and the Moscow International Business Center.By its territorial expansion on July 1, 2012 southwest into the Moscow Oblast, the area of the capital more than doubled, going from 1,091 to 2,511 square kilometers (421 to 970 sq mi), and it gained an additional population of 233,000 people.Eye witnesses said the tree was completely uprooted by wind.A man who battled to rescue Daria said: 'I heard loud crack and then a woman's scream.'I rushed towards the site and saw one of the girls crying in horror - her friend was sliced to death by tree trunk.'Me and five other men tried to lift it but even as we were doing it it was clear the poor girl was gone.'The second girl was in the state of deepest shock.'Her shoulders were badly bruised, but she didn't feel it because of shock.'We helped her into an ambulance.'Another 20 year old girl on roller skates was killed at a park in northern Moscow when a poplar tree crashed onto her. A man at Varshavskoye highway said: 'It was an Apocalypse. Nikolay Terentyev, 65, was killed by a bus stop which collapsed on him at Kirovogradskaya Street .The best dating websites now offer an array of options to search and connect across miles with girls from Moscow, known for their stunning beauty and captivating personalities.


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    But we always advise members to use one on one chat as this is where the action happens and where you can arrange meetups if you wish.

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