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Skeleter: Why would you Spy Lesnar: Nah, it samples it.And by that I mean it takes one line from the song and endlessly loops it in the background Spy Lesnar: Endlessly Skeleter: Gdgdgsgdgsgdgdfsgdcsv --- Harpy: cinnamon roll acquired Harpy asked Chatzy to choose between sarah and gluttony.

"We spend more money with credit than with debit and more with debit than with cash," Chatzy says.

"You need to put yourself on a cash diet, so you see where your money is going." Watching hard-earned dollar bills slip away stings more and makes your money harder to part with.

If you leave any extra money in your checking account, there is a greater chance that you'll blow it on a dinner out, or a cute new dress.

God Damnit: I can play one of them with my feet --- Tableter: butt --- i Komodo: Knowing del, I don't think he'll ever finish X : U Ruby Chao: quickly sk Ruby Chao: finish it for him Ruby Chao: "why yes you did earn 2 badges last night" Ruby Chao: "you uh" Ruby Chao: "sleepplayed" i Komodo: Hahaha Gooper Blooper: "why does my team suddenly have a greninja on it" "WELL UH" --- Gooper Blooper: Beheeyem card status: 2/3 Gooper Blooper: Beheeyem is always a non-holo rare, meaning he's that card you pull from the booster and get disappointed because you didn't get a holo Gooper Blooper: Beheeyem just can't catch a break --- Harpy: ...

Harpy: did i just see my stylus that i thought i lost Harpy: and lose it again Harpy: oh there it is Harpy: *glares at Clefairy doll* I'M WATCHING YOU Gooper Blooper: clefairy plush finds harpy's lost things and places them where she can find them Gooper Blooper: you got a friend in her Harpy: it's a small pink stylus Harpy: it blends in way too well with my clefairy --- Del and Knuckles: I found new jonesy Steel Komodo: oh lawd Del and Knuckles: "Mom stop buying beauty things from the hub" "Nah, I'm bringing sexy back" Saberwulf: Conrad sighs continuously for a week straight Del and Knuckles: Jonesy best worst mom --- Barpy: ivel and I were jokingly making goat noises and my bro is like "wtf are you doing" Barpy: i told him we were summoning a goat --- THREE MORE DAYS: The best gift for Christmas ivelgoat: wh ivelgoat: that ivelgoat: that price Sabergoat: jesus fuck Barpy: jesus don't fuck Goops Mc Mahon: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra​padoooooooo THREE MORE DAYS: 350 dollas of hustle, loyalty, and respect THREE MORE DAYS: Hitting an Attitude Adjustment right on your wallet --- THREE MORE DAYS: Google Prime can be amazing THREE MORE DAYS: A DVD on Stone Cold was like 75% off THREE MORE DAYS: *Amazing Prime THREE MORE DAYS: *AMAZON Prime THREE MORE DAYS: What the fuck Spy. Goops Mc Mahon: amazing prime hahaha Goops Mc Mahon: well that describes the free shipping on half the shit on Amazon pretty well ivelgoat: haw --- Goops Mc Mahon: Paper Mario 64 is a magical adventure of wonder --- Goops Mc Mahon: *SK has Kirby, DK, Pit, Shulk, WFT, and Samus amiibos* "why don't they make an okuu amiibo" "because she isn't a nintendo character" "oh I thought they were making them for ZFRP" --- Goops Mc Mahon: Other games that appear in the search results when you search on Amazon for "That's So Raven video game" include but are not limited to: ECW Hardcore Revolution, Crafting Mama, Final Fantasy 7, Twilight Princess, and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude ivelgoat: um ivelgoat: UM ivelgoat: that last one --- THREE MORE DAYS: ​Spore on JRM's list THREE MORE DAYS: YOU FOOL, YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU ASK FOR D: PAPER MALLEO: i have spore on mine too ivelgoat: I liked Spore THREE MORE DAYS: So do I, Ivel.


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