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In fact, when I got together with him recently at his restaurant, he had just came back from Chicago where he did a fund-raiser with Izard and other “Top Chef” alums for the If some of you forgot, Chef Scott was pegged early on in his season as the pretty boy. I remember watching it and thinking, “there’s no way I would ever do this show.” …And there was no mistaking his made-for-TV smile when he came out to greet me. I’m a huge fan of Jamie (Lauren, executive chef of Absinthe Brasserie and Bar and the only San Francisco cheftestant in Season 5.) Yeah, we’ll see how she does. The house that they lived in (in San Francisco) is like two blocks away from where I live now, so I run past it every morning. I said I wouldn’t do it, and then I saw Season 2, and watching Marcel (Vigneron) and Sam (Talbot) and all the other guys and thinking, you know, I think this is something I’ll do. They really don’t want you to stay on; it’s that hard. They make sure that they don’t have somebody who’s going to turn out to have been a porno star before they were on “Top Chef.” That’s what they really want to find out.), and Chef Scott was sent packing when he got too fancy at a tail-gating challenge with Da Bears.

She's lucky she didn't open it in Philly, where people would dismiss it as a come-on to former 76ers guard Maurice Cheeks.

This season, its fifth, comes from the make-it-there-or-go-home-crying Big Apple (love it).

So I thought it would be fun to catch up with one of last season’s cheftestants and local celebrity Ryan Scott, formerly of Myth Café and now at UPDATE (11/18/08): is reporting in its "Inside Scoop" column that Chef Scott is leaving Mission Beach Cafe and starting Dec. Chef Scott didn't hint at this during our interview, so this is surprising news.

AFTERMATH: Spring restaurant to close after chef murdered Sunny Side of the Street chef Michael Kusuma, was killed Sept.

18 when two armed men stormed his Canvasback Glen Court home and demanded money.


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