D3 stuck at updating tools

You should also disable any other security programs that could be running which may interfere with the Spybot update, causing it to fail.If this does not work, this could be a proxy issue.cryptsvc is the Cryptographic Services, responsible for confirming signatures for Windows Files.cd /d %windir%\system32 regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32msxml3regsvr32msxml6regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32oleaut32regsvr32ole32regsvr32shell32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32wuaueng1regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32wups2regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32regsvr32Did you try unchecking "Give me updates for products same way when I update Windows" kind of check box? I know its a stupid idea but worked for me surprisingly.

You could also try to do the same but start your windows in Safe Mode with Network and run the installer.

I went to bed last night almost ready to give up on this, but i figured i'd try again today and see if Blizz fixed the problem, but it was the same as last night.

Your solution really did work because i can see it downloading now, so thanks alot man! I have been doing this for about an hour, following each step over and over...

If something like this happens, it's super helpful for us to look at Panther logs, that can be located in: The contents should be small enough to simply throw them in the ZIP and forward for analysis.

Now, there are also cases when there really is an issue with the OS configuration, and specifically with the Windows Update ( bits is the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. appidsvc is the Application Identity service, used by App Locker.


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