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Sometimes it is to your advantage to not download an entire e-mail from your mail server, such as when you have a slow Internet connection or you want to start looking through many e-mail messages for a particular one as soon as possible.

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I know that this article could consider as “long and tedious” but the Murphy law dictates that: most of the Outlook synchronization problem accrues to “VIP Users,” that usually demand a solution!

Such a wonderful reduction warranted further investigation, so off I went to find out.

has long been a good source of information about Outlook.

doesn’t show in this list: You may need to remove and re-add the permissions using Exchange Online Powershell, specifying Auto Mapping to be : Then after removing the Shared Mailbox from Outlook, add a new account to the single profile.

When I wrote about my initial experiences of Outlook 2013 Preview on July 24, I remarked that the installation of Outlook 2013 forced a recreation of my Offline Storage file (OST).


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