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A question that commonly comes up when discussing this topic is whether there’s a limit on how large openings in shear walls and diaphragms need to be prior to requiring specific analysis and reinforcement.

It is not uncommon to have small holes in shear walls and diaphragms to allow passage of MEP items and it would be advantageous for the structural engineer to be able to permit small openings up to a certain size without needing analysis and reinforcement of the shear panel at the opening.

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Bruegel himself had painted several minor paintings on the subject of proverbs including Big Fish Eat Little Fish (1556) and Twelve Proverbs (1558), but Netherlandish Proverbs is thought to have been his first large-scale painting on the theme.Some of those incorporated in the painting are still in popular use, for instance "Swimming against the tide", "Banging one's head against a brick wall" and "Armed to the teeth", and there are some that are familiar if not identical to the modern English usage such as "casting roses before swine".Many more have faded from use or have never been used in English.Openings such as windows and doors are typically handled using one of the shear wall methods with openings permitted in the American Wood Council’s document, Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS), in the section on perforated or force transfer around openings (FTAO).Wood Works also has a few calculated examples of these small opening checks.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.


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