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But Coca-Cola does indeed “Open Happiness” — the subsequent relationship lasted 9 years.Now we’re wondering whether Jeremy has ever showered Jesseca Liu with a carbonated drink.Since reception quality of the new service was poor in central Bristol, the station was permitted by the Radio Authority to retain its 97.2 transmitter, which beforehand was considered an entirely separate licence.In October 1995, the station became part of Chrysalis plc, who invested £1 million in Galaxy 101.On the left side of the following Instagram, we've got Joegi, closer to confirmed coupledom than ever before.In the center, we have captain Karlie Kloss, who is probably grinning at her first mate/photographer Joshua Kushner. Update, 6/12: Not that we needed an anonymous source to tell us, but it *is* nice to know Talvin is firmly in the can't-live-without-you stage of their Instagram-official relationship. 1) That's shitty and 2) You will definitely be hearing about it.Most strikingly, Taylor has continued the snake theme from the album's initial teasers.

Sources say that the two are planning a trip to the UK, with a few days in Scotland, so that Taylor can meet Calvin's parents. )But although this will be Taylor's first time meeting his fam, Calvin has already met Taylor's parents on this side of the pond. Earlier this weekend in an interview with HITS Radio, Harris explained how different this relationship is from those he's had in the past, adding, "It's boxes I didn't even know existed, she ticks.

Chick-fil-A A will provide a catered meal for 12 including shredded chicken bundles, mac & cheese, bacon baked beans, chocolate brownies and sweet tea.

Update, 4/16: Even though Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift hit the red carpet together as each other's dates, things are still very clearly on with Calvin Harri at a Grammys after-party at Hyde LA. Update, 12/23: Taylor and Calvin have been keeping their love on the DL in recent months (what the heck, guys? After performing her final number of the night—"Shake It Off"—the singer took a couple of bows before mouthing "I love you" to a certain Scottish DJ. Update, 7/19: Calvin Harris is putting it all out there when it comes to his feelings for Taylor Swift.

“Now I'm afraid of getting into a relationship, I first have to ensure I have financial security and my career is going well, that's the reality of our world now.”Bad pickup line: Besides the evergreen “My name is ABC, but you can call me tonight,” Ian supplied the following gem: “You have front view, side view, back view, still got one more — I love you.” Classy.

Jeremy Chan Bad date: The actor was about 15 when he went on his first date to a fast food outlet, and it went south quickly: He was carrying a tray laden with food and beverages when, in his nervousness, he knocked it against the table, sending a tall cup of soda flying into his date’s lap.“She was completely drenched from the waist down — and I had upsized the drink! He had to buy a pair of jeans for her to change into, and the rest of the date was spent in silence.


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