Who is nicollette sheridan dating

They revived their relationship three years ago and announced their engagement in 2006."Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have amicably ended their engagement," Nicole Perna, a publicist for the actress, said in a statement.

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According to an insider, Michael has been looking for a serious girlfriend ever since his engagement to Nicollette Sheridan ended in August 2008, so he reconnected with Marla.star Nicolette Sheridan, 52, has had a number of engagements, (once to Michael Bolton) she’s only been married twice – and both lasted less than a year! Last December she secretly married a younger guy, Aaron Pypher, who calls himself an actor, but she filed for divorce in July.She looks happily single at the premier of the gender discrimination documentary star Nicolette Sheridan always has two things in her life: dogs and boyfriends.Her boyfriend of two years, Steven Pate, may or may not be the wealthy financier as he presents himself, depending on who you talk to.He’s been accused of fraudulent business deals and stealing horses.The pair, both aiming for an incognito look in understated navy tracksuits, dined at Double Bay restaurant Limoncello.


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